Contego Systems

Contego Systems was founded in 1998 by Ed Danberry and Ron DeLucia as a subsidiary of Group One Investments, LLC, a provider of diversified outsourced services to major airlines and airports throughout the East Coast. The company is a leading provider of comprehensive de-icing, anti-icing, glycol and storm water recovery services to commercial airlines at airports including JFK International, Newark Liberty International, Westchester County, Reagan National and Portland International Jetport. It employs a highly trained workforce of approximately 750 seasonal, non-union employees comprised largely of active and retired first responders and military personnel, and maintains a business model based upon the most cost-effective, fluid efficient and environmentally sound de-icing methodologies to meet the most stringent EPA and state DEP mandates. Silvergrove was engaged to represent the company in a process to identify a strategic or financial partner. The process ultimately resulted in a transaction with Inland Technologies, a full-service airport environmental compliance and ground support specialist based in Nova Scotia, Canada, with an established presence throughout North America. The highly strategic transaction augmented Inland's portfolio of environmental services and positioned Contego for growth to Inland's larger customer base and footprint.

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