Where Food Comes From, Inc.

Where Food Comes From, Inc. ("WFCF" d.b.a. "IMI Global") (OTCQB: WFCF) is a closely held public company based in Castle Rock, CO, and a leading provider of independent third-party verification services for food producers, processors, distributors and retailers throughout the United States. Silvergrove has represented the company in the execution of multiple acquisitions, including Sterling Solutions, Validus Ventures, and International Certification Services ("ICS"). Most recently, Silvergrove represented WFCF in the acquisition of a controlling interest in SureHarvest, Inc. Based in Soquel, CA, SureHarvest provides a wide range of sustainability solutions and services for customers throughout the food and agriculture value chain for commodities and specialty crops including wine grapes, almonds, hazelnuts, mushrooms, cut flowers, leafy greens and other fresh produce. The company's software-as-a-service (SaaS) revenue model supports more than 2,200 agri-food operations managing upwards of 450,000 acres of specialty crops covering multiple commodities as well as more than 65% of the wine produced in California. SureHarvest customers include such leaders in the field of sustainability as the Almond Board of California, California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance, PRO*ACT, the Mushroom Council, the Oregon Hazelnut Marketing Board, Protected Harvest, California Cut Flower Commission, and Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers. The successful transaction expanded WFCF's geographic reach into prolific West Coast growing areas, broadened its IP and solutions portfolio, increased its coverage of agricultural commodities, and further diversified its customer base. Silvergrove continues to work with WFCF to identify and execute additional opportunities to expand its platform and create shareholder value through targeted acquisitions.

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