About Silvergrove

Silvergrove was founded to provide first-class merger and acquisition (“M&A”) advisory services to middle market companies. We provide sell-side advisory, buy-side advisory, capital raising and strategic advisory services to family owned companies, private equity owned companies, and small and mid-capitalization public companies. We are highly selective, choosing to engage only a limited number of quality companies each year. Our selectivity ensures that all of our clients receive the senior level attention required to execute successful transactions, and that we live up to our values of integrity, trust and results in every engagement.

Many middle market companies have the same needs for sophisticated M&A advisory services as large public companies. However, the large established investment banks are unable to provide middle market companies adequate senior level attention to meet these needs. Further, the high fees of large investment banks are out of reach for many middle market companies. The recent bankruptcy and consolidation of several Wall Street firms has resulted in an even bigger void in the middle market for first-class M&A advisory services. Over the next several years, there will be a significant need for liquidity and diversification in many middle market companies. There will also be a large number of private equity owned companies seeking exit opportunities. Middle market companies will continue to be the primary acquisition targets for large foreign and domestic companies seeking to meet their corporate growth objectives. Silvergrove’s focus is providing middle market companies the first-class M&A advisory services they need to meet these challenges and opportunities.