Family Owned Companies

Silvergrove represents family owned companies in once in a lifetime decisions. Many of our clients have built their family owned companies from the ground up, and nearly all of them have most of their life’s work and their family’s net worth invested in their companies. We understand the importance and difficulty of the decision to sell, merge or recapitalize a family owned company, and the full range of financial, strategic, generational, shareholder, employee and other dynamics which accompany this decision. We equally understand the importance of achieving liquidity and diversification for our clients and their families, and of finding the right strategic or financial partner for their companies as well as for their customers, suppliers and employees. We have experience and expertise structuring the full range of solutions available to family owned companies-including strategic sales, control and non-control private equity investments, recapitalizations, mergers and joint ventures. This experience and expertise allows us to meet the unique needs of every client engagement. Equally important, we have extensive experience with the acquisition criteria and strategies of the most active public and private, foreign and domestic, strategic and private equity acquirers of family owned companies. Most importantly, we provide our clients with a level of commitment and hands on execution necessary to maximize the value of their families’ most important asset.