The Mediterranean Snack Food Company

Following Silvergrove’s representation of The Mediterranean Snack Food Company ("MSFC") and its owners Vincent James and Frank Le Berre in a series of successful capital raises, the company achieved significant growth of its innovative line of healthy legume based chips, crackers and other branded snacks. The company’s Baked Lentil Chips, Lentil Crackers, Hummus Crackers, Bean Stalks Snacks and other products achieved placement in natural, grocery, big-box and DSD distribution channels, including 20,000 stores throughout the United States. This rapid growth led the company’s owners and investors to explore strategic alternatives in a process which resulted in the sale of the company to American Halal Co., Inc., parent company of Saffron Road, a leading brand in the healthy frozen food category. Silvergrove represented Vincent James and Frank Le Berre in this transaction which resulted in a successful exit for the shareholders of MSFC and a strategic extension of the Saffron Road brand into the attractive and high growth healthy savoury snacks category.

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